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How VMware Streamlined their Certification Candidate Experience

“We knew it was important for us to improve and simplify the candidate experience,” said Carey Hardey, VMware’s Senior Manager, Worldwide RACE Operations. “We were looking for an automated, one-stop shop…


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Tech, Trends, and the Future of Credentialing
Aug. 6-7, 2019
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Experience: the Alpine Difference

With decades of hands-on experience, Alpine Testing Solutions has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve the results you are looking for. At Alpine, we care a great deal about the quality of our work and the success of your certification or credential program – but we care even more about people. Our experience has taught us that you cannot remove the human element from the formula for success. So, with Alpine you will not only benefit from the rigors of scientific methods and techniques based on best practices but you will interact with people you will enjoy working with. This allows us to provide solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements.

We work with organizations from the IT Sector, professional associations, credentialing bodies and licensing boards to help create effective certifications, professional credentials, assessments and programs.

Test Development Services

Program Design, Test Design, Domain Analysis, Job Task Analysis, Item Development Workshops, item authoring, review and editing. Item Authoring Technology – ItemMetrics™. Test Blueprints, Betas Tests, Beta Forms, Operational Test Forms, Standard Setting, Test Maintenance and Psychometric Consulting.

Candidate Management Technology

CertMetrics™ – candidate management technology that delivers real world solutions whether your program is just getting started or firmly established.

Our Perspective

With decades of hands-on experience in a variety of assessment situations, we understand the importance of the science and techniques we employ. Just as essential to success are the people we work with and the people they serve through their programs. This collaborative, results-driven approach ensures the highest-quality outcome with a positive and engaging working relationship.

Our approach is based on years of practical experience that results in a people-centric working style that is engaging and collaborative with a focus on the people and results of our our clients’ programs.


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Did You Know?

The U.S. Department of Justice has published proposed amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act. These changes could have a direct impact on the credentialing and assessment industry. The proposed changes can be found at