Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2024 Conference

The credentialing industry needs to evolve in its responsible incorporation of technological advancements into measurement processes. These integrated technology-enabled solutions should span exam development, delivery, and maintenance, with a focus on how to develop and maintain exams more effectively and with increased consistency while enhancing validity arguments. These efforts should focus on streamlining, not eliminating the involvement of subject matter experts (SMEs) to contribute at pivotal decision points to ensure the fidelity and accuracy of the outcomes. For many certification programs, SME availability is a major constraint, such that minimizing SME burden and level of effort while maximizing output is key to program success. 

This workshop highlights a modernized approach to automating high-quality psychometric workflows across a full suite of exam development stages. This strategy augments rather than supplants these processes to increase efficiency, consistency, and accuracy through rule-based logic, natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology. This reduces the need for continual human production and generation but allows for directed input and review from measurement experts and SMEs. This strikes a balance between program practicalities and psychometric practices by accelerating development processes to generate more automated yet psychometrically-sound exam content.


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