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Partners | Collaboration

We strive to be the best at test development, psychometrics, candidate, credentialing & exam data management, and exam & program security.

We recognize others in the industry strive to be the best at test delivery solutions, item banking tools, open badging repositories, and a myriad of other services and solutions needed by testing programs. Therefore, rather than pushing our clients into a one-size-fits-all solution, we focus on what we do well and build relationships with other providers who focus on doing what they do well. Through these relationships, we’re able to help each client build the best-in-class solution for its program.

Our most recent partnership with Strasz Assessment Systems (Strasz) enables us to provide certification and assessment programs with a comprehensive solution spanning exam development and delivery to candidate and credential management. We provide validity-centered, high-quality assessment development, psychometric, and security services, as well as the CertMetrics™ Candidate, Credentialing and Exam Data Management platform. Strasz provides a powerful suite of integrated assessment software including Pro! for exam development and publication to Test! or the delivery provider of your choice, Reg! for test registration, and Test! for proctored or non-proctored delivery. Additionally, Strasz offers an aggregator model for delivery through the Pearson VUE network of test centers. The partnership highlights the complementary strengths and core services of Alpine and Strasz, bringing them together in an integrated, end-to-end solution to support certification and assessment programs.

In addition to the delivery model and item authoring and banking tools achieved through the Strasz partnership, we work with all major service providers. Already use an item authoring tool or test delivery provider? Need to find one? No problem! We will work with yours, provide one, or point you in the direction of something to consider. If we do not already have a relationship with a provider you need, we are always eager to find and build new relationships that will benefit our clients. Already have test development or psychometric staff but need to outsource some of the work or augment your team’s skill-sets? We are happy to provide additional capacity or fill in gaps as needed.

Regardless of who you want us to work with, we specialize in multi-vendor integrations to support seamless solutions and experiences for candidates and exam program stakeholders.

Rather than try to force you to fit into a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution, we want you to have exactly the solution you need when you need it.

This is at the heart of the Alpine experience.


Alpine has been our trusted partner for Test Design and Development as well as for psychometric services since the inception of the program, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner to come along on this journey.

– Vikas Wadhwani, Director, Learning and Certifications

Early Learning Indiana

We don’t want a partner who will just do what we say in some attempt to make us happy. We want a partner who will push back on us, challenge us with innovation and best practice combined, to ensure we get what we need to make the finished product the best it can be. That is exactly what we have gotten from Alpine.

– Amy Smigielski, Director of Educational Preparatory Programs