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Automation | Integration | Advanced Technology | Credential Processing Engine

The CertMetrics candidate management system provides exceptional features that benefit both your organization and the candidates you serve. The primary function of the CertMetrics system is to address credentialing management and candidate needs today and into the future. CertMetrics provides the tools you need to meet the ever-changing needs of the testing industry. CertMetrics core components form the backbone of your CertMetrics implementation.


You need to process and access your testing program data quickly and accurately. CertMetrics uses automated processes to streamline your program, including:

  • Data imports and exports
  • Data scrubbing
  • Credential and renewal management
  • Electronic fulfillment creation
  • Awarding of credential benefits and digital badges
  • Verifying credentials and creating records
  • Sending emails triggered off key events and time frames
  • Generating and sharing reports


Every program is unique, but programs often share data between several systems. CertMetrics can integrate with a variety of systems to seamlessly fit into both an upstream and/or a downstream role. This provides integration flexibility as your data management plan grows and matures. Although CertMetrics does not offer test delivery or learning management services, it can integrate with a number of top-tier providers, such as:

  • Test Delivery Providers
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Reporting and Data Warehouses
  • Third-Party Digital Badging Systems
  • Membership Management Systems
  • Association Management Systems
  • Big Data Analysis Tools
  • Payment and Tax Calculation Interfaces
  • Support Portals

Advanced Technology

CertMetrics follows testing industry best practices. Alpine has designed and maintained the CertMetrics tool to provide your program with the most stable, versatile solution on the market. CertMetrics offers a 99.99% up-time and can perform at a high level while maintaining data security. Alpine’s dedicated group of developers and system administrators actively monitor hardware, software, and data to ensure a positive user experience. Highlights of the advanced technological infrastructure behind CertMetrics include:

  • Software Designed for Growth – CertMetrics leverages virtualization technology to proactively monitor and manage client performance across the host servers to provide optimum performance and security.
  • Data Processing – Your program needs accurate, intuitive, and up-to-date data. The CertMetrics system monitors and performs several complex processes behind the scenes to make sure data is imported properly, processed in accordance with business rules, and delivered to the appropriate systems for operational and reporting purposes.
  • Individualized Reporting – The CertMetrics software architecture is just as important as the technology on which it is hosted. Each client is segregated onto its own instance, which includes its own Microsoft SQL database and CertMetrics codebase.
  • Staging – CertMetrics imports and processes thousands of exam results, candidate updates, and on-demand downloads daily. To efficiently manage this task, Alpine has separated critical, resource-intensive functions within the CertMetrics platform.
  • Dependable Hosting – Alpine has invested in and developed a sound architecture and technology infrastructure to provide secure, reliable, high-performing systems. This infrastructure allows us to quickly and reliably customize and deploy technology to meet candidate management requirements.

Credential Processing Engine

Although almost every credential management platform on the market can handle one-to-one exam to credential logic, many programs need more complex rules that are either not supported by these platforms or are too difficult to create in a self-service environment. CertMetrics was designed with a powerful credential processing engine that handles both simple and complex logic structures with ease, power, and precision. The CertMetrics credential processing engine provides support for:

  • Multiple requirement types including applications, eligibility, labs, exams, trainings, external certifications, fees, and more
  • Simple and complex renewal logic
  • Hierarchical credentials and renewals
  • Rebuilding credentials based on exam, certification, or other activities
  • Active, Expired, Suspended, or In Progress credential status and tracking
  • Near real-time status updates to candidates and third-party systems
  • Integration with emails, benefits, badging, transcripts, fulfillment, and exports