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Test Development & Psychometric Solutions

You don’t need to go it alone. Partner with Alpine’s team of psychometricians and test development professionals to create assessment strategies based on your program’s goals, needs, and constraints. Each phase of test development will establish and bolster validity evidence regarding how the selected approach aligns and supports intended uses and interpretations of assessment results. Alpine’s measurement professionals can provide consulting services with regard to program policies such as recertification and security, accreditation and industry standards (e.g., ISO 17024 and NCCA), international test uses and related issues like localization, and presentations to key stakeholders including review committees or other decision-making boards or bodies.

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Design Program

Document a solid understanding of the business case supporting the assessment program and articulate goals to guide decisions throughout the program’s assessment development life cycle. Identify program’s purpose, stakeholder audiences (sponsors, consumers, candidates), and associated value propositions, and intended uses of assessment results. Establish or review existing program architecture including prerequisites, eligibility requirements, and certification tracks and levels as well as partnerships or reciprocity with other programs. Highlight program constraints and requirements as well as risk tolerance.