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Industry Expertise

You’ll be in good company.

Alpine serves for- and non-profit companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100, professional associations, public and private education programs, and the federal government. Our clients come from a variety of sectors including information technology, healthcare, built environment, financial, and education.

All of our clients share a need to assess, measure, track, and report on knowledge, skills, and competencies for myriad reasons including certification, regulatory and licensure, badging, education, training, and development.

We will engage with you in the same way we do for all of our clients: as a true partner invested in your success. We will bring the same high level of commitment and quality to you that we bring to each and every client.

We want you to view us as a seamless extension of your team; and as a true partner, we are in it with you for the long term.

Information Technology

Alpine works with developing and established IT Certification programs that range from small to major enterprise players. We understand that each IT certification program is unique but faces common challenges in dynamically assessing competence against rapidly changing technology while meeting stakeholder needs and accommodating business realties. Our staff thrives on providing flexible solutions backed by psychometric best practices and first-rate technology to provide test development and data management support for your program:

  • Build, grow, and maintain an IT certification program and associated assessment practices
  • Prevent and address recurring aberrant behavior threats to test security such as preknowledge and collusion
  • Train and guide subject matter experts in producing and refreshing defensible, reliable exams
  • Leverage technology, including platform data and AI, to develop empirically-informed selected response and performance-based exams
  • Provide a seamless candidate management experience across a multi-vendor environment
  • Use ongoing logic processing and facilitate timely and efficient reporting
  • Improve customer and candidate satisfaction with efficient and timely credential tracking

As a trusted partner and veteran in IT certification, no matter what your challenges or size of your program, Alpine is well prepared to listen to your needs and help tailor the best possible solutions for your program. 

Professional Credentialing & Government

Organizations that are directly responsible for credentialing a profession– whether private or public– have the tremendous responsibility to protect the public. Stakeholders range from private and public employers, educational institutions, testing candidates, and the consumer who will ultimately receive the services from a credentialed provider.

Alpine supports and guides our clients through the most strategic processes to make sure the all-important components of validity evidence protect our clients and the public. The methodology for each assessment must be fair, reliable, and focus on validity, which is as “the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretations of test scores for proposed uses of tests.”

Alpine works hand in hand with organizations during each step of the validity centered process with a documented process that takes the program from the initial Job or Practice Analysis through final score analysis and interpretation. This process is supported by industry standards and best practices that will provide organizations with the validity evidence in the form of documentation and statistical analysis to make sure the assessment product “measures what is intended” and in turn allows organizations to meet all stakeholder needs.


In the education market, Alpine provides assessment consulting services for state and federal government agencies as well as nonprofit agencies focused on research and educational improvements. Our staff have wide-ranging experience and backgrounds in educational assessment including work with special populations. Members of the Alpine team serve as Technical Advisory Committee members for various large-scale student assessments around the country and as Peer Reviewers for the U.S. Department of Education. This experience with various decision-making bodies as well as active service to the professional community creates a team well-versed on educational policy as well as the various practical constraints and considerations related to effectively using assessments in education. We work closely with clients to problem-solve and navigate through each client’s unique circumstances. Our goal is to provide a high-impact and high-quality solution to enhance existing assessment programs and ultimately improve educational outcomes for students. Examples of our contributions to educational assessment programs include:

  • General psychometric consultation in the context of applicable policy
  • Facilitation of meetings such as alignment studies and standard settings
  • Evaluation and audit of programs
  • Design and execution of validity studies
  • Enhancement of educational programs through the use of technology

Comprehensive Exam & Program Security

Alpine has a suite of services and technology that focuses entirely on program and test security and can be aligned with your program’s needs. Alpine’s premise of Prevention, Detection, Mitigation, and Enforcement can be used from test development through delivery and analysis to make sure that the highest possible standards are established and enforced:

  • Prevention: risk assessments, security audits, and consulting
  • Detection: data forensic security analyses and CertMetrics security scripts
  • Mitigation: identify exposed content for replacement and development
  • Enforcement: CertMetrics automated policy enforcement as well as consultation

Test security is best developed from the ground up, but these services can be customized and implemented independently to yield meaningful results that can result in an action plan to protect your program’s integrity.

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