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Thought Leaders Exchange (TLX)

Trends, Technologies, and Insights for the Assessment Industry

The Thought Leaders Exchange is a series of collaborative, interactive and thought-provoking dialogues facilitated by Alpine to discuss the trends, technologies and challenges that face the greater assessment industry. We facilitate panel discussions at industry events and host an annual summit that serve as a catalyst for conversation and insight. We explore issues that we all face by bringing together thought leaders, experts from other industries and passionate participants to start the conversation and collectively look at the many possible futures of the assessment industry.

Data Strategies for the Future

Today we develop and administer tests for the purpose of drawing inferences from the exam results, which typically inform decisions. Could we make better inferences and therefore better decisions if we augment or even replace test results with other sources of data? Is that possible within the context of legal defensibility, validity, and data privacy concerns?

Emerging Technology Strategies for the Future

Does machine learning, AI, AR, and VR simply provide more efficient ways to automate and add fidelity to our current testing processes and models? Or do they offer opportunities to move beyond or replace our current testing processes and models? What industries and innovations outside of the assessment industry will have the greatest impact on the assessment industry over the next decade?

Credentialing Strategies for the Future

How relevant are monolithic credentials? How do we adapt our methods for informing monolithic credentialing decisions to fit micro-credentials and “choose your own adventure” credentialing programs?