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Thought Leaders Exchange (TLX) Washington, DC 2018

When was the last time you purchased a music CD? Used an atlas for directions? Made a call from a pay phone? When was the last time you received personalized marketing? Heard about autonomous vehicles? Read about formal degrees being removed from hiring requirements? Technology and our ability to collect and use data are resulting in exponential change, driving changes in business models and expectations of how we interact with one another, with education and training, with work, with entertainment, with…well…everything. In ten years, will the idea of setting aside time to take a test, whether at a testing center or via a remote delivery solution, sound as quaint as building a collection of CDs so you can listen to music at home or in your car? How will technological advancements change the way we go about assessment? How will the changes in learning influence assessments. Will our assessment methodologies be Uberized or Netflixed?

August 6-8, 2018 Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor Washington DC

Keynote Speaker

Duncan Wardle, iD8 & INNOV8

Topics, Sessions, and Speakers

Topic 1 – Data Strategies for the Future: Today we develop and administer tests for the purpose of drawing inferences from the exam results, which typically inform decisions. Could we make better inferences and therefore better decisions if we augment or even replace test results with other sources of data? Is that possible within the context of legal defensibility, validity, and data privacy concerns?

  1. Data Gathering: Now You Know Everything (Paul Edelblut, Vantage Labs)
  2. Current and Emerging Data Technologies (Blair Harris, Alpine Testing Solutions)

Topic 2 – Emerging Technology Strategies for the Future: Does machine learning, AI, AR, and VR simply provide more efficient ways to automate and add fidelity to our current testing processes and models? Or do they offer opportunities to move beyond our current testing processes and models?

  1. How Technology is Shaping the Future of Assessment: Where we are today, where we’ll be tomorrow, and where the future is taking us (Liberty Munson, Microsoft)
  2. Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality . . .and us (Scott Russell, Alpine Testing Solutions)

Topic 3 – Credentialing Strategies for the Future: How relevant are monolithic credentials? How do we adapt our methods for informing monolithic credentialing decisions to fit micro-credentials and “choose your own adventure” credentialing programs?

  1. Future Proofing Credentials (Jarin Schmidt, Credly)
  2. Trailhead: A Credentialing Framework for Customer Success (Tiffany Powell, Salesforce)
  3. Regulatory Environment Update (Brett Foley, Alpine Testing Solutions)