Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2024 Conference

Fiscal, human, and time-to-market constraints continue to limit many credentialing programs’ abilities to develop and maintain high-quality, rigorous credentialing programs. Simultaneously, shifts are occurring within many industries regarding the perceived value of traditional, voluntary, professional certifications, and individuals are moving away from job role-based certification paths toward more skills-based and learner-centric professional development journeys. In combination, these trends leave many credentialing organizations struggling to balance the business realities of program costs with the need to demonstrate return on investment for consumers of said programs’ certified populations. This changing atmosphere requires dynamic adjustments to conventional exam development and to its associated assumptions, one of which is the reconsideration of the traditional firewall between certification and training to help support these more individualized experiences and validations. This presentation will highlight one program’s attempts at leveraging joint involvement in certification domain analyses to springboard definition of and structure for associated training modules.


  • Jessica Marshall, Veeam Software
  • Nemanja Dukic, Alpine Testing Solutions

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