Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2024 Conference

This presentation will highlight how credentialing program sponsors can leverage technology-enabled content review to efficiently, consistently, and accurately assess the psychometric quality of large quantities of existing content to minimize the need for additional content development. In addition to automatically generating customized feedback on exam items based on psychometric standards and exam development best practices, this approach can also apply program-specific branding and style requirements as well as identified deprecated content and/or terminology. The use of this methodology in conjunction with an item and form-level analysis can powerfully arm credentialing programs to make informed decisions about item dispositions, blueprint gap analyses, and future item development needs. This presentation will discuss the technology utilized to generate the item feedback as well as how that information was incorporated with statistical results to recommend actions for the item bank and its health in an exam maintenance cycle. The impact of this information from the exam sponsor perspective will also be discussed in terms of how it shifted the traditional exam development cycle to include item alignment sessions in advance of item development, as well as reduced the overall level of SME burden associated with the content development and review process and shortened the development timeline.


  • Jessica Marshall, Veeam Software
  • Nemanja Dukic, Alpine Testing Solutions

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