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Candidate, Credentialing
& Exam Data Management

Thriving in the Sea of Data

Testing programs generate data, lots of data. It can be a challenge for new or seasoned testing programs to not only manage this data but more importantly leverage this data to make it work for them. Alpine has harnessed its psychometric expertise and technical know-how to provide a solution than not only helps programs weather the initial storms but becomes a lifeboat changing the paradigm of the program. No longer must a majority of the resource efforts be spent to merely stay afloat. Instead, these efforts can be redirected to chart a course for the future allowing programs to expand and operate more efficiently.

Is CertMetrics the Right Solution for You?

CertMetrics is an integrated, best-in-class SaaS solution that makes it easy for you to manage your program’s data, tools, and workflows when it’s convenient for you – in real time – any time, all in a single application.

What can CertMetrics Do for You?

CertMetrics can help your program cut costs, raise revenue, and foster growth with some of the following features:

  • Individual branding to align with your organization’s marketing strategies
  • Segregated data structures for enhanced data security and performance
  • Powerful credential processing engines to perform simple or complex calculations
  • Feature-rich test sponsor and candidate portals with permission-based access
  • Access to premier reports to track, manage, and analyze your program data
  • Robust selection of add-on modules to enhance the core system functionality

What Sets CertMetrics Apart?

Alpine understands how test development, psychometrics, and candidate management intersect. Organizations with national and international reach and who use a variety of administration modules rely on CertMetrics to support the full lifecycle of candidate and program management. You can manage your credential paths, candidate requests, and credentialing data with our intuitive solution.

Watch our latest video to see how CertMetrics can support your program:

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