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Candidate, Credentialing
& Exam Data Management

Exam Data Management Solutions

Let Alpine take the hassle and risk out of managing your test data, so you can focus on supporting your candidates and expand your program. Use CertMetrics Data and Reporting to organize and manage your test data in a single, secure location where the data is available at your fingertips when you need it. Whether it is looking up candidate and exam records, running reports or exporting the data for more in-depth analysis, CertMetrics Data and Reporting have you covered. Add classical psychometric reporting and proactive security monitoring to get even more from your data. And when you’re ready, CertMetrics is there to grow with your program by adding candidate access, eligibility and credential management, candidate communications and more.

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Candidate & Credentialing Management Solutions

CertMetrics is a credential, candidate, and data management solution that offers the flexibility to customize your candidate user experience with the CertMetrics Candidate Portal. This Portal can assist your test-takers through the process of registering for an exam, earning a credential, keeping credentials active, and sharing credentialing progress. Through the CertMetrics Test Sponsor Portal, your internal users can access a comprehensive set of customer service tools, security tools, reporting, and data visualizations in a secure and easily managed location. Through CertMetrics Essentials, Standard, and Premium, CertMetrics offers a solution that is right for programs of every size and complexity.

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Enhancing the credentialing management and candidate experience today and into the future