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Exam Data Management Solutions

Determine Which CertMetrics Solution is Right for You

Data & Reporting
Leverage CertMetrics to parse and store your program’s testing data in a secure, independent location. yes yes yes
Run on demand or schedule volume and candidate demographic reports. yes yes yes
Provide data exports to access your data when you need it without having to request from your TDP. yes yes yes
Upgrade your reporting licenses to leverage the QlikSense Visualization Tool to create and publish customized reports and visualizations. yes yes yes
Back-up crucial test data in a secure environment that meets ISO27001, GDPR and CCPA standards. yes yes yes
Enjoy all of the CertMetrics Data & Reporting benefits, plus the ability to run classical psychometric reports including exam, form, item, and option analysis. yes yes
Set performance baselines and monitor the health of your exams. yes yes
Leverage the psychometric reports to help guide when and how much investment is needed to maintain the integrity of your exams. yes yes
CertMetrics provides your testing program sufficient report capabilities to apply for accreditation. yes yes
Includes running retake rule verification, response similarity index comparisons, item group comparisons, time and score analysis, and other security checks on exam data as it is imported into the system. yes
Instead of waiting weeks, or even months after an exam is taken before taking action, CertMetrics flags security violations daily as the data is imported into the system. yes