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Determine Which CertMetrics Solution is Right for You

CertMetrics Essentials CertMetrics Standard CertMetrics Premium
Systems and Security
Separate database and code instance per client Yes Yes Yes
Real-time system monitoring Yes Yes Yes
5-minute, daily incremental, and full weekly backups Yes Yes Yes
Development, beta, and production environments Yes Yes Yes
Frequent code releases Yes Yes Yes
ISO27001 certified Yes Yes Yes
GDPR and CCPA compliant Yes Yes Yes
CertMetrics Front-End
Candidate Portal responsive design for optimized viewing on a laptop, tablet, or mobile devices Yes Yes Yes
Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility standards Yes Yes Yes
Organizational branding and colors Yes Yes Yes
Fully localizable including double-byte languages Yes Yes Yes
Supports HTML to embed banners, images, links, tables, and other HTML tools Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Portal
Candidate login and password reset Yes Yes Yes
Feature-based customizable candidate landing page Yes Yes Yes
Segmented announcements targeted to specific candidate populations Yes Yes Yes
Recent Activity to quickly view and confirm progress Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Profile with customizable questions and attributes Yes Yes Yes
Candidate primary, secondary and localized addresses Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Preferences for communication opt-in settings and language preferences Yes Yes Yes
View completed requirements including credentials, exams, labs, trainings, agreements and miscellaneous items Yes Yes Yes
Credential Logic to calculate credential statuses, including renewal, suspended, and expired statuses Yes Yes Yes
Credential Status to view current credential statuses, including started, active, suspended, and expired Yes Yes Yes
Credential Logic History to view a history of credential, suspended, renewal, linked logic, along with how a candidate obtained a credential Yes Yes Yes
Linked logic to support a tiered credential hierarchy Yes Yes Yes
Fulfillment Integration with third party fulfillment houses Yes Yes Yes
Transcript creation and sharing Yes Yes Yes
Credential, exam, training, and other requirement catalogs Yes Yes Yes
Test Sponsor Portal
New user creation and management Yes Yes Yes
User Role creation with detailed read/write permission options for nearly every feature Yes Yes Yes
Feature-based customizable user landing page Yes Yes Yes
View action and pending items Yes Yes Yes
Candidate Support Tools Yes Yes Yes
Manage Catalogs Yes Yes Yes
Create and publish announcements Yes Yes Yes
Manage merge queues Yes Yes Yes
Run reports using Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with data updated every 30 minutes. Yes Yes Yes
View, create, and publish report visualizations with the Advanced Reporting Visualization module Yes Yes Yes

Number of Credential Logic 1 15 45
Active Test Sponsor Portal Users 2 10 30
Qlik Lite Read-only Licenses 1 3 5
API Accounts N/A 1 3
Storage 50GB 100GB 500GB
Custom Pages No No Yes
Program Management Hours 5 10 35
Email Segmentation 3 15 45
Standard Exports and Annual Maintenance 0 0 1
Use the Achievements module to recognize and reward candidates who hold multiple credentials at the same time or who have held a credential continuously for x period of time Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Implement the Affiliation module to collect critical affiliation data, such as employer, partner status, education institution, and jurisdiction Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Create and publish CertMetrics Badges for credentials, achievements, exams, and trainings. Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Reward candidates who earn a credential or achievement with discounts, coupons, and other benefits. Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Searchable public Candidate Directory Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Manage Continuing Education No Upgrade Upgrade
Use eCertificates for candidates to download active credentials in PDF format Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Pre-qualify a candidate before they can sit for an exam using the Eligibility module Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Enable the New Candidate Registration page Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Leverage the Security module to look for patterns and anomalies in the data and proactively take action Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Use the Scheduling module to view available exams and upcoming appointments Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Generate score reports to provide feedback to candidates Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Real-time integration with Credly for badge creation on the Credly platform Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Collect fees and taxes using the eCommerce module No Upgrade Upgrade
Integrate with LineUp for SME management and building world-class teams Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Use OIDC, WS Trust, or JWT to perform ingress candidate Single Sign-On into CertMetrics Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Support candidate egress Single Sign-On (SSO) from CertMetrics to industry leading test delivery providers Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade