We were proud to sponsor and facilitate this webinar along with ATP in their New World of Testing digital series.

What to expect

Securing Exam Integrity: Adapting to Evolving Threats and Bridging Gaps for Enhanced Industry Resilience

In the realm of exam security, the work of our industry to fortify exam integrity is consistently met with emerging and ingenious threats. As we diligently attempt to address the most recent challenges, candidates continue to devise novel and inventive methods to circumvent established exam security protocols. This continually evolving dynamic results in exam security perpetually feeling like a new world within the testing industry. During this session, the panel of distinguished and experienced leaders will delve into the various challenges they have encountered while safeguarding their exam programs. Additionally, they will shed light on the deficiencies they have identified in current capabilities, which hinder them from maintaining a proactive stance against nefarious actors. Through this discussion, the panel aims to pinpoint tangible enhancements that can bolster exam security within their respective programs and motivate the wider community to collaboratively bridge these gaps, fostering an era of enhanced exam security throughout the industry.

The NWT events are available free to the staff of member and non-member organizations.


  • Carl Bowman, CompTIA
  • Matt Scicchitano, SAS
  • Patrick Watts, PMI


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