Supporting small to midsize certification programs through the power of CertMetrics Data & Reporting

Join Alpine for Part I in this engaging webinar on test security.

What to expect

For smaller certification programs, security prevention, mitigation, detection, and enforcement may be considered a secondary or even tertiary priority given the likelihood of lower candidate volumes, more limited item banks, and/or fewer subject matter experts involved in the process.

However, the protection of exam content and maintenance of a good reputation can be equally if not more important to these programs than larger-scale counterparts given the smaller potential market of credentialed individuals. This webinar will provide an introduction to how Alpine’s Security Module can be coupled with Psychometric reports in a Data & Reporting instance of CertMetrics to support small to mid-size programs with item performance statistics, candidate information, and automation.

You can also view Part II for a look at how Alpine’s Security Offerings can be coupled with the functionality of CertMetrics to support certification programs that are delivering with multiple vendors, in various modalities, and global testing environments and who experience high candidate volumes, complex exam items, and have limited resources to find a solution.

Facilitated by:

  • Corina Owens, Ph.D., Psychometric Solution Designer & Senior Psychometrician, Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Tara Miller, Technical Solution Designer, Alpine Testing Solutions

To view the session recording, click here.

To view the slides from the session, click below: