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Join us for this engaging webinar on technology-enabled content review. For many certification programs, subject-matter expert (SME) availability and engagement is a major constraint so that minimizing SME burden and level of effort associated with exam development processes while maximizing output is key to program success. Alpine Testing is currently developing technology-enabled solutions that span exam development, delivery, and maintenance, with an initial focus on how to generate better items faster, more efficiently, and with increased consistency.

This webinar provides an introduction to i-SFT (eye-sift), Alpine’s pioneering Item Screening and Feedback Tool, which automatically generates customized feedback on exam items based on psychometric standards and exam development best practices including the application of program-specific branding and style requirements. It also highlights advanced reporting outputs that can help you maximize continual or event-based item development efficacy and productivity, as well as provide point-in-time summaries about item bank health and development efforts output, quality, and opportunities for improvement at the item bank and/or SME level.

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