Presented at the I.C.E. Exchange 2022

Have you ever wanted to see a showdown between a vendor and client? Hear the hard questions a client asks a vendor, or the questions a vendor wishes they could ask a client? Experience this at this session. The client (NCARB) will prepare questions for the vendor (Alpine Testing Solutions) regarding the large-scale Analysis of Practice study. The vendor will not know what questions the client will ask about the study. The vendor will also have questions prepared to ask the client. Any question is fair game and the other person will not hear the question until you do. As an example, the questions may include such topics as what was the most (or least) successful part of the Analysis of Practice study or what was the most painful part of working with us? The purpose of this session is not only to put the vendor in the hotseat (and maybe the client for a little bit), but to also inform the audience about the successes and failures of the different methods used to analyze the practice of architecture and how over 10,000 stakeholders were involved. Come to this session to watch faces turn red, but also to learn about an innovative approach to gaining insight into the who, what, when, why, where, and how of a professional practice.

Format: The first 10 minutes was an introduction to the Analysis of Practice project and the relationship between the vendor and client. Then, a Q&A between the vendor and client ensued for the rest of the session.


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