Presented at the I.C.E. Exchange 2022

In a fast-paced world of sound bites how do assessments remain relevant? How can they be short enough to be consumable by candidates, and yet have sufficient reliability to support appropriate uses and interpretations of scores? It is generally accepted that, all things being equal, the smaller the number of items/points the lower the reliability of the assessment. What if multiple smaller assessments were combined? Would the reliability of the combination be sufficient to make inferences about what a test-taker knows and can do? This session explores these questions in depth. F5 Networks is currently moving from a traditional certification program to a more nimble program. The new program is comprised of smaller assessments that must be combined in order to earn a credential. This session presents analysis results related to the reliability of smaller assessments and how the combination impacts the overall reliability of a larger (combined) credential.


  • Ken Salchow, F5 Networks
  • Heidi Schreifels, F5 Networks
  • Jill van den Heuvel, Psychometrician
  • Jeff Kelley, Alpine Testing Solutions

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