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Amanda Wolkowitz, Ph.D.

Psychometric Processes & Tools Practice Lead & Senior Psychometrician

Amanda is an experienced psychometrician with a strong background in psychometric methods and research. She enjoys taking on new and challenging opportunities, continuously learning and contributing to the psychometric field, and assuming various roles as a psychometrician.

Amanda's various psychometric experiences have been in professional credentialing, education, and government and include analyses involving classical test theory, item response theory, equating, and qualitative and quantitative research. Amanda also serves as a psychometric assessor (independent contractor) for the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Fun Facts

A few fun facts: 1. She almost pursued a career in music following her undergraduate degree in piano performance. 2. She is a runner and running the Honolulu marathon is on her bucket list. 3. Nothing matters more to her than her husband and three girls.

What's on my book shelf?

  • A bunch of nerdy psychometric books.
  • Although not on my physical bookshelf, Stephen King is my favorite author.