Join Alpine for an engaging and interactive two-part “deep dive” session on test security.

What to expect

With a focus on validity and supported by empirical evidence in Session I, Russ discussed how to avoid problems (prevention), what to look for at a high level (detection) to know when and how to dive deeper, and what to do about test takers (enforcement) and content (mitigation) when an issue is identified.

The Session II deeper dive focused specifically on answer and score similarity index analyses (ASI & SSI), differential person functioning (DPF) and differential item functions (DIF) used in conjunction, and person residuals (B3) as follow ups to high level detection.

Facilitated by:

  • Russ Smith, Ph.D., Vice President, Assessment Services and Senior Psychometrician, Alpine Testing Solutions

To view the session recording, click here.

To view the slides from the session, click below: