Featured Speaker Session – Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2023 Conference

Exam security continues to be a primary concern for credentialing organizations. Many organizations struggle to find a solution that is near real-time, automated, and actionable. This panel presentation will describe a relatively easy and efficient method to identify potential collusion. The method is meant to approximate score or response similarity (SSI or RSI) analyses with relatively simple calculations. SSI and RSI are typically computationally intensive, require specialized software and are based on relatively strong assumptions.

During this session, the panelists will begin by providing an accessible introduction to the two new, simplified similarity indices, Approximation RSI and SSI. The remainder of the session will focus on the application of each approximation to two distinctly different certification programs. Specifically, each certification organization will discuss the pros and cons of implementing Approximation RSI and SSI within their programs, how and when these analyses are actionable, and if and how these analyses have changed their approach to security. This session will leave participants with increased knowledge and tools to support timely, computationally less intensive, and actionable results that can be implemented at their own organizations.


  • Danielle Castelli, CompTIA
  • Patrick Irwin, Palo Alto Networks
  • Corina Owens, Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Russell Smith, Alpine Testing Solutions

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