Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2021 Virtual Conference

Pretesting items is a necessity in developing valid, reliable, and fair assessments. This case study examines a scenario of two 76-item/point beta forms being randomly administered to two unintentionally different samples. The difference in form means was over 8 points, with SEMs of 2.25 and 2.23. By form, the average Rasch item measures differed by 0.25 and the average Rasch person measures differed by 0.46. The items on Form A were easier and the beta sample was more able in comparison to Form B. A psychometrician and a certification program representative present how they collaboratively handled discrepant beta forms and samples, with a policy mandate requiring multiple live forms. This presentation reviews the findings from the beta and live forms analyses — including a discussion of handling candidate fairness and the validity of score interpretations from the perspective of both the certification program and policy mandates as well as psychometric implications.


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