Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing Conference 2018, San Antonio, TX

All exams must document evidence of the validity of score interpretations. Certification programs must additionally illustrate value to program owners/sponsors who know the program costs and must confirm an appropriate return on investment.  A growing IT certification program elected to concurrently demonstrate validity and “value” via an external measure using internal organizational data for Technical Support personnel regarding Time to Resolve (TTR) for support cases. The focus of this session relates to the use of this “big data” to evaluate the certification program as well as the relationship between an external measure such as the length of the time to resolve a support case with certification status (certified/non-certified as well as number of certifications achieved). This work is directly transferrable to any certification program looking to illustrate the return on the investment in a high quality and rigorous program.

KJ (Ken) Salchow, Jr., F5 Networks
Jill R. van den Heuvel, Alpine Testing Solutions