Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing Conference 2018, San Antonio, TX

The use of case studies, in examinations, builds on standard multiple choice formats by creating opportunities to assess candidates at a higher cognitive complexity, increasing the value of the exams to stakeholders. Case studies include opportunities for innovation in meeting the needs of assessment objectives. They also create challenges that differ from those of other item formats, related to test development, training, delivery, scoring, and security. What is the right balance of the benefits and costs of case studies? Come explore these questions from the perspectives of test developers and psychometricians. Examples from two testing organizations will demonstrate lessons learned regarding the size of a case study and its impact on development processes, pilot testing, and memorability. A high-level discussion of psychometric issues will also consider challenges related to forms assembly and unidimensional testing.

Michelle Cohn, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
Amanda Wolkowitz, Alpine Testing Solutions
Brett Foley, Alpine Testing Solutions
Jill Bryant, National Board of Examiners in Optometry