Presented during the National Council on Measurement in Education’s Webinar Series: COVID’s Impact on Assessments

From NCME: 2020 is a unique year. Not only is COVID-19 impacting our everyday lives in many ways, it is also leading to some short-term and potentially long-term changes to assessment practices and the measurement field. In this NCME webinar series, practitioners and researchers will discuss the assessment challenges associated with the pandemic and identify best practice solutions to them. We encourage all measurement and assessment professionals to participate!

Webinar Information:

  • Date: January 21, 2021
  • Types of Assessment: K-12 Licensure/Certification
  • Facilitator: Ye Tong
  • Session Title: Unmasking Equating Challenges
  • Alpine Testing Solutions Speaker: Amanda Wolkowitz, Ph.D., Senior Psychometrician
  • Additional Speakers: Bob Lee, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Jen Beimers & Sarah Quesen, Pearson; Mike Kolen, University of Iowa

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