Presented at the I.C.E. Virtual Exchange 2020

Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop

Have you ever wondered what all those psychometric terms your psychometrician uses all the time actually mean? Do you sometimes wish you could ask for that psychometric analysis to be explained in a way that didn’t make your brain hurt? Have you ever been too afraid to ask for further clarification when a psychometrician is rambling on? Well look no further!

In this workshop, two veteran psychometricians, each with 10 plus years of experience in licensure and certification testing, reviewed psychometric concepts and terms in relation to the exam development process. The workshop provided a high-level view of psychometrics, explained some fundamental measurement concepts, and applied those concepts to real-world examples. This workshop will help assessment professionals gain a better understanding of measurement best practices and confidently engage in future measurement discussions in an effort to help their exam programs flourish.

Below, you can download a sampling of the slides from the session, as this was an exclusive pre-conference workshop offered by ICE. If you’d like to contact a member of our team for additional information about understanding the basics of Psychometrics, or to schedule a workshop of this nature for your organization, please contact us at


  • Brett Foley, Ph.D., Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Corina Owens, Ph.D., Alpine Testing Solutions

To view the sample slides from this session, click the button below: