Presented at the I.C.E. Exchange 2019

San Diego, CA

Concurrent Session: Test Development and Administration Track

In credentialing job analysis, survey respondents tend to self-screen, in that those who are unmotivated to carefully read and rate the job tasks usually fail to answer the survey at all.  However, the use of survey response incentives, such as gift card drawings or CE credits, may make the impact of careless respondents on the validity of the survey data worth consideration.  This presentation explores the utility of two “foil task” methods to identify and remove careless respondents before the data is analyzed. “Screening” tasks instruct respondents to provide a specific response. Failure to provide the requested response can be used as an indicator of carelessness. “Bogus” job tasks are known to be irrelevant to the occupation and endorsement is taken as an indicator of carelessness. These methods have been used for data validation in employment job analysis and other survey contexts, but are not found in credentialing job analysis literature.


  • Jeff Kelley, Ph.D., Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Terrence Wright, AHIMA

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