This webinar will explore aspects of credentialing exam item writing that are not easily taught, but can be coached. New subject matter experts can usually learn the technical item writing pitfalls such as long correct answers or absolute terms in the distractors fairly readily. Tailoring item difficulty to the candidate population, avoiding distractors that are too close to true, and writing items that reliably identify candidates who are not ready for the credential all require an SME mindset that comes with coaching and practice.

During this webinar, Alpine psychometrician, Jeff Kelley, Ph.D., will be discussing the following item writing topics:

  • Item Difficulty and the Target Audience
  • Fooling the Wrong People – Matter of Opinion/Facility Specific Items
  • Fooling the Right People – Item Plausibility
  • Non-Standard Item Generation Strategies
  • Other Topics in Item Writing.


  • Jeff Kelley, Ph.D., Psychometrician

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