Are you curious about how credentialing organizations are changing the approach to how subject matter experts (SMEs) write and review exam questions? With staggering technological advancements made in the last few years, organizations are moving towards an asynchronous process that allows SMEs to contribute from anywhere. However, maintaining the quality of these questions is crucial to ensuring the exams maintain a high level of rigor and reliability. Streamlining this asynchronous process and maintaining quality items are critical overarching issues that credentialing organizations need to address to adhere to rigorous psychometric practices and standards.

In this session, hear a case-study about a real world asynchronous item writing and review process that Alpine used to help a credentialing organization develop items for their certification exams. Challenges encountered during this project and the tools and methods used to remediate these issues will be shared, including:

• Empowering SMEs with tailored, on-demand training to help them craft and/or review high-quality items
• Designing an appropriate workflow for items so that they can be effectively remediated
• Enabling SMEs to collaborate with each other asynchronously
• Helping SMEs who are struggling to write quality items
• Gaining SME consensus on item revisions and approval/rejection
• Communicating with SMEs to provide feedback and make sure deadlines are met
• Maintaining SME engagement throughout the process


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