Test development, when done correctly, can be an arduous process. If time is not taken to build in security, all of that hard work could vanish with one breach. Not only could thousands of dollars of test content be lost, but you could also damage your program’s reputation and your company’s brand. The best credentialing programs weave security into all aspects of their development process, because if you wait until your test is published, you are already late to the game. Creating a holistic plan of how you will approach test development and delivery will increase the security and integrity of your credential. By incorporating a risk assessment into the program design at the beginning of your development, you can identify potential threats to your program and develop mitigation strategies upfront that can be incorporated throughout the exam’s life cycle. Every successful security plan contains prevention, detection, and enforcement strategies but the most important part of any security plan is that it be proactive. Creating a comprehensive plan of how you will address security threats throughout the life cycle of your program, before you have a breach, is the best way to protect your investment. Presenters in this session will provide practical information and resources to assist attendees in how to develop a holistic security plan that takes into consideration every phase of a credential’s life cycle.