Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing Conference 2018, San Antonio, TX

At the 2018 Innovations in Testing conference, we introduced several publication strategies, describing their benefits, challenges, costs, resource requirements, and key considerations. Several of these strategies were at very early stages; simulations of expected psychometric results were presented. Now, after a year of delivering exams using a variety of strategies, we return to provide an update on the fairness, validity, reliability, and psychometric performance of each strategy. We will discuss the implications of these results from a security, programmatic, and business perspective. Session attendees will leave with a better understanding of the psychometric performance of each strategy, how two large testing programs evaluate those results to make programmatic decisions that balance the psychometric outcomes with business realities, and knowledge to evaluate the benefits and challenges of alternative administration strategies for their own testing programs.

Liberty Munson, Microsoft
Russ Smith, Alpine Testing Solutions
Laura Balk, CompTIA