Presented at the ATP Innovations in Testing 2023 Conference

Test item writing is critical to ensure that items are culturally responsible and inclusive. Training subject matter experts to recognize, understand, and appropriately introduce characteristics of race, ethnicity, culture, and identity in test items can provide evidence of exam fairness.

This workshop will guide participants through peer review training aimed at uncovering unconscious bias. First, facilitators will provide participants with background information. Next, participants will split into groups. Each group will participate in peer review training and will apply best practices for developing culturally mindful test items. Then, participants will practice the process of peer review in their groups to identify and correct bias in test items. Finally, everyone will come together to share their results, discuss the implications of different training methods, and learn how this process can be complemented by post-exam statistical analysis.


  • Kim Cavanagh, Gannon University and PAEA
  • Denise Rizzolo, PAEA
  • Nemanja Dukic, Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Brett Foley, Alpine Testing Solutions

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