Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing 2020 Global Conference – Gone Virtual!

Two highly regarded IT certification programs discuss their evolution, while advancing with integrity (maintaining high-quality and psychometric rigor). Both programs grapple with the problem of, “what we envision versus what we can realistically achieve.” Different stakeholders have different goals, which are frequently in direct opposition to one another (even when they seem to be aligned). Everyone wants relevant/current exams. Then, reality hits: The program sponsor has a limited budget, the candidate wants to test once, and the employer wants relevant certifications. The sponsor wants everyone happy, but that requires compromise without sacrificing programmatic goals. The candidates want meaningful exam scores, and IT certifications are typically summative. The employers want to know if potential employees have requisite knowledge, but defining that is difficult with evolving products.

How can the vision be met without significant compromise? These programs transparently discuss their innovative solutions.


  • Aaron Zureick, Esri
  • KJ (Ken) Salchow, Jr., F5 Networks
  • Susan Cooley, Alpine Testing Solutions
  • Jill van den Heuvel, Alpine Testing Solutions

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