Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing 2016

Orlando, FL

As online proctoring gains interest in the testing industry and candidates are given the option to take an exam at home, work, or a test center, industry professionals need to investigate the similarities and differences in the psychometric performance of exams based on how and where they are delivered. Like the transition from paper-and-pencil to computer-based testing, research is needed to understand whether the psychometric properties of exams are equivalent across different proctoring experiences. Are exams psychometrically equivalent if they are delivered through online proctoring to those that are delivered in test centers?

In this session, Microsoft and CompTIA will share their experiences with online proctoring, what they are learning about the psychometric performance of exams based on the proctoring type, and candidate reactions to online-proctored deliveries compared to test center deliveries. Very little research is available on these important questions, so attendees are invited to join Microsoft and CompTIA as they start their journey to finding the answers.


  • Liberty Munson, Microsoft
  • Sara Rupp, CompTIA
  • Russell Smith, Alpine Testing Solutions

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