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Alpine Webinar: Using CertMetrics to Unlock the Future of Candidate Engagement!

September 20, 2023
1:00 pm EST

Are you a dedicated test sponsor committed to elevating candidate engagement throughout their journey in your credentialing program? Embrace the future with Alpine in this webinar, as we respond to common inquiries about sustaining engagement in a credentialing program. Join us as we investigate pivotal strategies for candidate recognition, benefits, and self-promotion, exploring how these elements converge to create dynamic and engaged candidate communities.

🔑 Unlocking Achievements: Harness the power of automated emails, announcements, logos, e-certifications, badges, and transcripts, to recognize candidate successes and support self-promotion.

🎁 Incentivizing Progress: Entice candidates to maintain their engagement levels by offering the pathway to becoming Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), extend perks such as discounts for subsequent training or exams, and provide easy access to company merchandise.

🏆 Celebrating Milestones: Spotlight those exceptional candidates who transcend expectations, holding multiple, concurrent credentials or sustaining active credentials over the years. Acknowledge their outstanding achievements and inspire others.

⚙️ Streamlining Operations: Effortlessly manage badge criteria, calculations, and upkeep through CertMetrics. Seamlessly automate the process, ensuring candidates earn badges accurately.

🚀 Real-Time Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Credly and Accredible, our system delivers instant badge updates. Save valuable time while ensuring prompt and accurate recognition.

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about how programs are using technology to shape the future of candidate engagement! Secure your spot today and tap into insights from industry experts. Embark on the journey with CertMetrics to transform your candidate engagement experience – register now!


Click here to watch the session recording