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2021 Conference on Test Security

October 6-7, 2021
Virtual Conference

Alpine Session: Wednesday, October 6

A Practical Approximation of Response Similarity

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This presentation will describe a straight-forward proxy for response similarity index analyses based on reasonable estimates of expected matching responses, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Response similarity index analyses can be challenging for multiple reasons. It relies on a nominal response model to accurately estimate the probability of a specific response across the ability continuum. For each pair of test takers, the joint probability of matching responses is calculated and compared to the actual number of matching responses. The model can require substantial sample sizes, can be computationally intensive, and the current software and
model fit can be finicky.

The expected count of matching responses should be less than the expected count of matching scores. Further, a test taker’s score on the exam should be an accurate estimate of their average expected score on any given item. For example, on a 100-item dichotomously scored test, a candidate with a score of 70 would be expected to score 0.70 on each item on average. Total scores can, therefore, be used to estimate the expected number of matching scores. The proposed method uses total scores to estimate expected number of matching scores for pairs of test takers. Then, the number of matching responses are compared to the expected number of matching scores. Though the model does not have a specific underlying distribution, the ratio of actual to expected is a useful surrogate that is easy and relatively efficient to calculate.  

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