Many organizations struggle to keep their candidates involved and active within their credentialing program after the candidate has earned their first credential or two. One method that test sponsors are using to keep candidates involved is recognizing their candidate achievements, which are called “Standings.”   Standings can be used to retain, reward, and enable candidates to expand their participation in their credentialing program(s). The Standings Module in CertMetricsTM provides an easy and efficient way to calculate, recognize, and reward candidates through granting Standings.

Candidate Standings are earned in two ways. The first way to earn a Standing is for candidates to hold multiple credentials at the same time from a group of credentials within a testing program. This is called a multi-Standings and encourages candidates to expand their breadth of learning and knowledge.

The second way to earn a Standings is for candidates to hold one or more credentials from a group of credentials for a continuous length of time such as 5 or 10 years. This is called lengthy-Standings and encourages candidates to stay active and remain up-to-date by renewing or extending their credentials on a regular basis. Unlike credentials that are assigned a valid period when earned, Standings are connected to an existing credential and expire when a candidate no longer meets the Standings requirements.

Candidates can promote their Standings by sharing them on e-certificates, downloading logos for use on their business cards, or by posting their digital badges on social media, online resumes and in their email signature.  CertMetrics provides valuable and useful reports that can be used for tracking Standings by status, counts, and dates. In addition to reporting, emails can be created and sent to notify candidates when a Standing has been achieved and if a Standing may be expiring.

Using the CertMetrics Standings Module with the CertMetrics Benefits feature provides testing organizations with powerful tools to recognize and reward candidates to expand their learning and continue to engage with the testing program even after earning their first credential. To learn more about the CertMetrics Benefits feature, click here.