Gaining a credential is valuable.  Candidates prove their knowledge, skills, and abilities to receive a credential, and in return may gain employment, promotion, or networking opportunities. Credentialed candidates join a unique, accomplished group of individuals with increased earning potential and professional credibility.

CertMetrics™ clients understand the importance of recognizing exceptional individuals, and allow certification programs to do so through a variety of features, including awarding electronic certificates (eCertificates), providing access to logos for professional use, and awarding verifiable digital badges.

Did you know that CertMetrics also allows programs to award unique benefits to further reward and incentivize candidates to continue interaction with a credentialing program?

Through the CertMetrics Benefits feature, programs today are offering credentialed candidates a variety of options:

  • exclusive access to apparel and merchandise stores
  • exam vouchers
  • discounts on conference passes
  • coupon codes for exam prep materials
  • access to targeted surveys
  • opportunities to reward program Subject Matter Expert (SME) contributors

Using the self-service Benefits feature, programs can target candidates that complete a credential and provide these individuals with a link to a benefit (access to an online store), a unique token (a voucher code only available to that individual), or a global token (a coupon code) that can be used to claim a benefit.  Candidates experience a user-friendly interface and can claim a benefit with a mouse-click.  Programs are able to customize text and help tips to better assist candidates in claiming available benefits.

Along with Benefits management, CertMetrics provides valuable reports to track benefits, including which benefits have been granted, which benefits have been claimed and when, and counts of available unique benefit tokens.

In addition to reporting, CertMetrics can send emails to notify candidates when a benefit is earned, about to expire, or has expired.