OREM, UT – Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc. (Alpine) and Strasz Assessment Systems (Strasz) have partnered to provide certification, licensure, and assessment programs with a comprehensive solution that spans exam development, delivery to candidates, and credential management. Alpine provides validity-centered, high-quality assessment development, psychometric and security services, as well as the CertMetrics™ Candidate, Credentialing, and Exam Data Management platform. Strasz provides a powerful suite of integrated assessment software, including Pro! for exam development and publication to Test! or your preferred delivery provider, Reg! for test registration and payment, and Test! for proctored or non-proctored delivery. Additionally, Strasz offers an aggregator model for delivery through the Pearson VUE network of test centers. The partnership offers programs the complementary strengths and core services of Alpine and Strasz, bringing them together in an integrated, end-to-end solution to support certification, licensure, and assessment programs.

“We are really excited about this partnership. Strasz is an accomplished organization with really good solutions. This partnership brings together the expertise of Strasz and Alpine to provide testing programs with a solid end-to-end solution that includes services and technology. Equally important is the flexibility it provides for those programs that prefer to create their own multi-provider, end-to-end solutions. Strasz and Alpine have always been, and continue to be, committed to enabling and supporting customer-specific, multi-provider solutions; as evidenced through Strasz’s ability to publish exams packages for the client’s delivery provider of choice and Alpine’s ability to seamlessly work and integrate with the client’s choice of providers for delivery, badging, and learning management system.”

– Brian Adams, CEO, Alpine

“We are delighted to join forces with Alpine Testing Solutions. The combination of Alpine’s assessment development and analysis expertise and Strasz’s software development prowess puts us in a position to offer the best services on the best software in the industry. We are already bringing clients the very best in test development – faster development times and the most intuitive and efficient applications, leading to the most effective outcomes. 

Partnerships are about fit and potential. How partners complement and invigorate one another fuels their potential. Our companies are well-aligned; in culture, values, and from a products and services perspective, we have nearly zero overlap – a perfect fit. Both companies feel the “synergy.” 

– Jeff McGregor, President, Strasz Assessment Systems

About Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

Alpine Testing Solutions partners with certification and assessment programs across a variety of industries for test development, psychometric, data management, and related consulting solutions. Over nearly two decades of providing these services, Alpine has earned the reputation of being a high-quality partner committed to delivering custom solutions developed through collaborative working relationships. Because Alpine is an employee-owned company, the team is literally invested in the success of the organization and the programs we serve, delivering best-in-class service and support.

About Strasz Assessment Systems

About Strasz Assessment Systems

Strasz is the leading provider of custom and off-the-shelf software built to manage all aspects of the assessment lifecycle. By leveraging world-class software development and deployment capabilities, and an expert consulting staff comprised of industry veterans, Strasz can help certification programs continually improve how they measure performance.

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