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Test Sponsor Portal

The Test Sponsor Portal is a core component of CertMetrics that allows programs the ability to grow and support their program and candidates in a secure, customized, and controlled fashion. Offering a range of features, the portal provides programs with the ability to manage users and security groups as well as an entire suite of tools and features to assist customer support professionals. The Test Sponsor Portal gives approved users with the appropriate permissions access to customer support, system, and security tools, as well as comprehensive dashboard, standard, and psychometric reporting. In addition to these standard reports, Alpine has partnered with Qlik to provide a comprehensive advanced reporting and visualization tool to allow approved test sponsor users to delve into the testing data and generate their own custom reports and visualizations. For information on this advanced reporting and visualization tool, visit the Add-On Modules page and see our section on Advanced Reporting and Visualization.

User and Group Management

CertMetrics offers an extremely versatile permissions model to allow each program to create a tailored structure that meets their exact needs for user and group management. Permissions can be assigned at the group level where role- or department-based groups are created, each with a custom set of application permissions, providing enhanced security for programs. Programs can also create as many name-based users within the system as needed and assign users to one of multiple permission groups. Users with specific needs are easily customized by adding any additional individual permissions necessary.

Candidate Search

Programs have access to the candidate search feature which provides a permissions-managed level of access to appropriate candidate profile, application, eligibility information, and scheduled exam data. Through the permissions settings, administrators are able to restrict users to only access and review candidate search results for candidates that reside in specific geographies or jurisdictions if necessary. Users with appropriate permissions can also access a candidate’s exam and training history, exam results including item level details, credential results and history, available credential benefits, fulfillment history and tracking, and review how a candidate is sharing this information through transcripts and digital badging. By giving the right users access to the right data at the right time, everyone benefits with increased efficiency, while still protecting the data by only making it available to those who need to know.

Customer Service Tools

As a program grows, the number of support calls and e-mails may also grow. Without the proper tools, supporting customer support staff can become a large challenge. CertMetrics offers a variety of powerful customer service tools to assist in facilitating support resolution. Users with appropriate permissions can access a candidate’s demographic information and get a full update history including changes to demographic data, which e-mails were sent to the candidate, view when a candidate logged in last, and view when a candidate downloaded e-certificates and logos from the system. Users are also able to merge duplicate candidate records, grant or adjust eligibilities, exams, or credentials, view item-level details for candidates requesting an exam review, and even impersonate a candidate’s viewing experience to see the exact screens the candidate sees.

Security Management

When a candidate is found to violate a testing program policy, CertMetrics provides several tools so authorized internal users can take action. At the exam level, a user can invalidate a candidate exam. An invalidated exam no longer counts toward earning a credential. If—as a result of losing the exam credit—the candidate no longer meets all of the requirements of a previously awarded credential, the system also removes the credential. In addition to invalidating an exam, candidates’ names may be added to a Watch List for future monitoring, or candidates may be banned from the testing program altogether. Security managers may be given access to investigate potential security issues at the exam, section, or item level. In addition to this standard security offering, many programs leverage the CertMetrics Security Module to proactively monitor exam results and choose whether to manually or automatically handle violations that occur. Visit the Add-On Modules page to learn more about our Security Module.

Reporting and Analysis

Data appears in a format that is easy to understand. Alpine has created a variety of easily accessible reports required for accurate data reporting and analysis. CertMetrics currently offers two methods for accessing reports:

  1. the Standard Reporting web site and
  2. the Advanced Reporting and Visualization Add-on Module. 

These two reporting tools provide coverage to as much candidate and test data as possible and access to the variety of options to monitor, measure, and report on testing program operations and KPIs.

Standard Reporting web site: CertMetrics offers many standard report templates that may be customized to meet the exact needs of your program. Filter by standard fields or even use your custom candidate data fields to get the exact report you need. Users can run the standard reports on demand or create subscriptions for any report on the standard reporting website. Subscriptions might be appropriate when the report needs to be created on a consistent basis (e.g., monthly reports) and emailed directly to another recipient or downloaded directly on the CertMetrics Test Sponsor Portal instead of the candidate’s inbox. Available within the categories of Psychometrics, Exams, Certifications, Fulfillment, Email, Security, and System, you’re never more than a few clicks away from just the right chart or graph for your board meeting or PowerPoint presentation.

Advanced Reporting and Visualization Add-on Module: Alpine Testing Solutions has partnered with Qlik—a leader in reporting and data visualization—to embed the QlikSense Enterprise Visualization Suite into CertMetrics, thus creating a world-class reporting and visualization module. For more information, visit the Add-On Modules page to learn more about Advanced Reporting and Visualization. Visualizations are available in an array of formats including Bar charts, Line charts, Combo charts, Pie charts, Scatter plots, KPIs, Gauges, Geographical maps, Tree maps, Standard tables, and Pivot tables.  Interactive filtering allows for drilling down to specific segments of the data and then bookmarking to save the view or taking screen grabs to implement into PowerPoint.