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Kory Vue


Kory is a psychometrician at Alpine Testing Solutions, bringing over a decade of experience from the field of education. With expertise in ensuring tests are fair and appropriate in measuring their intended constructs, Kory specializes in supporting clients to validate their assessments and enhance measurement precision. Kory holds a PhD in Quantitative Methods in Education from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.  He leverages his background in educational assessment and quantitative methods to develop and evaluate high-quality, equitable testing solutions. His deep knowledge of psychometric theory and statistical techniques allows him to rigorously analyze data and implement best practices for test design, scoring, and interpretation.  Kory is passionate about using his skills to create assessments that provide meaningful insights and promote success.

Fun Facts

Kory enjoys spending time with his parents, wife, and five children. As an Eagle scout, Kory enjoys spending time outdoors and shares this passion with his children – from nature hikes to tilling the garden and everything in between. He enjoys all sorts of dynamic activities and when indoors, he likes to read fantasy novels/light novels/manga/comics.

What's on my playlist?

  • Cakra Khan
  • Morisette
  • Best of the Voice and AGT