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David Tracy

Software Architect I

David has nearly three decades of experience in the computer industry including software development positions with WordPerfect and Novell. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.

Fun Facts

David is a grandfather and loves playing with his grandchildren (it brings out his inner child). He is a sports fan and will watch anything, but especially loves soccer and bowling. He has an extensive music collection ranging from rock, to country, to musicals, and plays both the piano and organ.

What’s on my bucket list?

  • Hawaii
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Breaking 80 on the golf course
  • Bowling a 700 3 game series in bowling
  • Learning pickleball
  • Climbing the mountains in Utah again. (FYI: I have 3 mountain peaks within 10 miles of me that are over 10,000 feet high. It’s time to climb them again!)
  • Enjoy all the other hikes in the state of Utah