In the current unprecedented times, credentialing programs have been challenged to quickly evaluate, prioritize, and adapt elements of their testing policies and procedures to allow for continued candidate engagement. The viability of employing alternate exam delivery approaches has been a particularly predominant programmatic problem in recent weeks, with many programs considering a rapid shift to remote proctoring to prevent large-scale exam administration interruptions. The consideration of this potential transition away from traditional testing centers to remote proctored delivery often comes with many psychometric, practical, and policy concerns for program stakeholders. 

What to expect

During this interactive webinar, Alpine psychometricians, Brett Foley, Ph.D. and Corina Owens, Ph.D. will be providing their perspectives on frequently expressed apprehensions related to remote proctoring, including: fairness of the testing experience (e.g., access, administration approaches, accommodations), security of exam content and control over the testing environment, scalability, accreditation considerations, and candidate perceptions. Ample time during the session will be dedicated to directly addressing questions posed by attendees.

To view the session recording, click here.