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  • Session Type: Roundtable – In-Person

High-stakes exams administered for professional licensure and certification have critically important consequences for the examinee, the test owner and those who use the results for decisions. These exams demand both the assessment items and the examinee responses are authentic and original work. The rapid move to a distributed networks of content authors, reliance on technology, and test-at-home has introduced a myriad of opportunities for items and candidate responses to be compromised. Security experts generally agree a Maginot Line of intense invigilation while helpful still leaves gaps in the security posture. In this session we will explore two examples of a Defense-In-Depth (DiD) strategy leveraging AI to maintain exam security. The DiD applies multiple checkpoints to; ensure items are secure before an assessment is administered, ensure items are secure following an exam, and ensuring examinee responses are authentic work. Through these real world examples we will demonstrate additional benefits for forensic investigations gained by the programs using this strategy to further identify and prosecute professional cheating rings.


  • Paul Edelblut, Vantage Labs
  • Steve Barkley, Paradigm Testing
  • Tracey Hembry, Alpine Testing Solutions

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