TLX – Eyes on the Future of Test Development and Credentialing

Presented at ATP Innovations in Testing 2019

Orlando, FL

Platinum Session


Technology and our ability to collect and use data are driving exponential changes in business models and expectations of how we interact with one another, with education and training, with work, with entertainment, with…well…everything. In credentialing, it has always been the case that long-term relevance and success of a program has always required maintaining a high-quality exam(s) and a forward-looking strategy to ensure you anticipate evolving stakeholder needs and technology advances. With today’s pace of change, it is clearly more important than ever to focus on forward looking strategy and the future relevance of our programs. In this session, we will look at how Project Management Institute (PMI) is approaching this challenge and we will explore ideas for using non-traditional data sources to reduce the time required of subject matter experts in program design and job-task analysis activities.



  • Data Strategies: How can we utilize existing data or easily collect additional data to reduce the amount of time traditionally required of subject matter experts to support the test development process? How can we make better inferences and better decisions by augmenting our processes with additional data? Can we even replace or supplement test results with these other sources of data? How do we address concerns about legal defensibility, validity, and data privacy concerns?
  • Credentialing Strategies for the Future: How relevant are monolithic credentials? How do we adapt our methods for informing monolithic credentialing decisions to fit micro-credentials and “choose your own adventure” credentialing programs?



Sierra Hampton-Simmons, Project Management Institute

Brian Adams, Alpine Testing Solutions

Russell Smith, Alpine Testing Solutions