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Public Portal

The Public Portal offers a flexible way for third parties such as employers, potential employers, or governing bodies to verify a candidate’s credential, exam, badge, or testing status. Your customer support team won’t be inundated with calls to verify a candidate’s credential because the Public Portal offers a variety of ways to share this information to third parties.

Certification, Exam, and Badge Verification

Verification can occur in several different ways. First, testing programs can opt to provide e-Certificate and printed fulfillment to candidates who earn a credential. As part of e-certification, programs can elect to have a unique verification code printed on these fulfillment items with a URL to verify the credential. When an employer or licensing body reviews a printed or digital certificate, they can access the URL and enter the verification code to ensure that the candidate was awarded the credential and that the credential is active. To learn more about eCertificates within CertMetrics, visit our Add-On Modules page and review the eCertificates module.

The Public Portal also supports badge verification for programs that issue badges through CertMetrics. Third parties who view a badge may click on the badge to verify its authenticity and get additional information regarding the badge purpose, its active period, and requirements a candidate had to meet to obtain the badge.

Candidate Directory

Alpine has released a Candidate Directory feature to provide a secure, public-facing directory that public users can utilize to search for candidates based on test sponsor defined criteria such as candidate name, geography, or credential. Candidate data is not visible unless candidates opt in and select information to be shared. However, the directory provides a list of all candidates who meet the search requirements and who have opted-in to share their information in the directory. A public user can then select a candidate to view their profile and their current status among active credential, standings, passed exam, and other requirements like training course information held within CertMetrics to the testing program.

The test sponsor will initially define which fields are searchable and what information is displayed including candidate profile information, credentials, standings, passed exams, and other requirements. After opting in, candidates can further refine this information by selecting which profile fields to display as well as selecting which credentials, standings, passed exams, and other requirements to share from among those they actively hold and were listed as shareable by the test sponsor. This candidate information is available for as long as the candidate remains opted in and has at least one active shared item.