Back in October, we traveled to Portland, Oregon to participate in the 2015 ICE Exchange. It was great to connect with friends, build new relationships and soak up industry knowledge. We were busy at the conference–we debuted our new messaging campaign and exhibit creative, hosted our second annual Happier Hour and intrigued and entertained booth visitors with a working 3D printer that printed plastic models of the Portland skyline during exhibit hall hours. Sharing best practices for the betterment of our industry is core to Alpine’s principles, so if you were unable to attend ICE or missed out on any of Alpine’s thought leader presentations, allow us to help get your new year (and your brain!) started out on the right foot, we assembled our staff and co-presenter presentations from ICE in one convenient place for easy review and download, enjoy!

Let’s talk for a moment about the creative campaign mentioned above. This creative grew from our management team gathering inspiration from the idea that as psychometricians, we certainly help programs build and deliver exams that are valid and secure, but we have a larger mission that doesn’t stop with the test. Creating assessments and administering programs isn’t just about the test, it’s about the people who take those tests. People take exams for many reasons, perhaps for college and career readiness, public interest and safety, protecting the integrity and knowledge base of a profession or trade, or building a competent workforce. In the real world, your program assessments have real impact with real consequences – for better or worse. In the real world, what you do and how you do it matters.

We centered on this message because at Alpine, we understand that every program is unique, with a unique purpose, unique goals, and unique needs. That is why we collaborate with programs to design and provide tailored psychometric, test development and validation, security, and testing-related technology solutions that help programs make positive differences in the real world. Let’s make this year great, because together we can make a difference in the real world! From all of us at Alpine, we wish you a wonderful and bright 2016!