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Alpine Webinar: Security Simplified, Part I: Supporting small to midsize certification programs through the power of CertMetrics Data & Reporting

June 29, 2022

Join Corina Owens, Ph.D., Psychometric Solution Designer & Senior Psychometrician, and Tara Miller, Technical Solution Designer, for for Part I in this engaging webinar on test security. For smaller certification programs, security prevention, mitigation, detection, and enforcement may be considered a secondary or even tertiary priority given the likelihood of lower candidate volumes, more limited item banks, and/or fewer subject matter experts involved in the process.

However, the protection of exam content and maintenance of a good reputation can be equally if not more important to these programs than larger-scale counterparts given the smaller potential market of credentialed individuals. This webinar will provide an introduction to how Alpine’s Security Module can be coupled with Psychometric reports in a Data & Reporting instance of CertMetrics to support small to mid-size programs with item performance statistics, candidate information, and automation.

  • To view the session recording, click here.