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Alpine Webinar: Security Simplified, Part II: Supporting certification programs through the power of CertMetrics 2.0

July 27, 2022

Join Brett Foley, Ph.D., Psychometric Service & Industry Practice Lead & Senior Psychometrician, and Tara Miller, Technical Solution Designer, for Part II in this engaging webinar on test security.

For certification programs that are delivering with multiple vendors, in various modalities, and global testing environments, implementing the standards of exam security – prevention, mitigation, detection, and enforcement – is a monumental task. Additional complications include high candidate volumes, complex exam items, and limited resources tasked with finding a solution. The visibility and market impact of credentialed individuals make the protection of exam content and program reputation a necessity.

This webinar will provide an introduction to how Alpine’s Security Offerings can be coupled with the functionality of CertMetrics to support a certification program’s need for security with item performance statistics, candidate information, and automation.

  • To view the session recording, click here.